And That Day…


And That Day…


The room was calm but with a gust of wind things started appearing more compact. The breeze seemed to be nostalgic. The door was opening and closing again and again, the sound of sudden and continuous bang, broke the silence in the house situated at the corner of 40th street. In the house lived a family of three, Aashi and her parents.

“Aashi… Aashi…” Aashi’s mother Mishika, roared while switching the channels of the television.

“Where is this girl?” She said to herself and kept the cushion placed in her lap, back at the desired place on the sofa.

She stood up and started wandering here and there to find Aashi but she was not able to spot her. She was edging towards the staircase which leads them to the roof. She was about to notice her daughter’s presence with her giggling sound, when she heard another voice, a voice which was not unknown yet not known….

So what was the reason behind the sudden change in the ambience of this normal house?
What sounds were chirping in the house?
And what was the mystery behind the things being not unknown yet not known….

This is my first short story which has no touch of romance.
So drop your views that as to what you think about the introduction…

The story would start soon… 🙂

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